From energy-saving StackCell® flotation technology for coal processing to eco-friendly magnetic separators for the pharmaceutical industry, Eriez products are designed with both customers’ needs and the environment in mind.

eco-certified - adj. Eriez confirmation that a product uses recylable materials, serves the recycling idustry or includes a permanent magnet.

  • The products have a positive impact on recycling processes and the recycling industry
  • They are manufactured with energy savings features, including the use of energy-free permanent magnets
  • All equipment is built in an Eriez facility that focuses on recycling consumables, driving down energy usage and drastically reducing solid landfill waste
  • An electronic, paperless format is used when promoting the selected equipment; when marketed using hard copy, promotional material is printed on recycled paper

What is EcoCertified?  It is Eriez' corporate commitment to the environment.  It is Eriez' sustainability philosophy in a single, compound word.  It describes the Eriez partnership with the recycling industry, and it's desire to supply products that save energy and make our world a better, safer place.  And, it all started with Eriez permanent magnets.

Eriez EcoCertified White Paper

Recycling Products

Eriez equipment, either as individual units or complete systems, is designed for the most efficient and economical processing of municipal solid waste, comingled recyclables, shredded automobiles, electronic scrap, glass cullet, plastic (PET), foundry sand and many other resource recovery operations. All Eriez recycling products are designated as Eco-Certified.

Electromagnetic Feeders

Because of the energy savings they offer, Eriez Electromagnetic Feeders are Eco-Certified. Eriez' unique Hi-Vi magnetic drive circuit provides a simple yet powerful solution to difficult material feeding applications. These feeders, with their totally enclosed patented magnetic drives, can feed practically any bulk material from micron size to bulky chunks. Solid-state controls operate the feeders with "watch-like" precision.


Eriez Eco-Certified Permanent Magnetic Plates, Grates and Traps (in standard or sanitary construction) are the heart of any separation system for protecting product purity through various stages of processing.


Eriez’ PolyMag® Separator provides an efficient means to separate plastic regrind containing the PolyMag Additive from other resins, reducing material waste and disposal costs.